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How to Cook Chicken Nuggets Air Fryer? Good Tips in 2022

How to Cook Chicken Nuggets Air Fryer? Good Tips in 2022

Air fryers are a relatively new invention, and they have been able to make cooking easier. One of the most popular air fryer recipes is chicken nuggets.

If you’re looking for an easy way to cook your favorite snack, then this blog post is for you! In this article we will talk about how to cook chicken nuggets in an air fryer and provide some tips that might help you get it right on your first try. Let’s read on!

Chicken Nuggets Air Fryer

1. What is Chicken Nuggets?

Chicken nuggets are small pieces of breaded chicken that is either sold frozen or ready to cook. When you purchase them, they usually come with a sauce that you can dip the nuggets in. Although chicken nuggets aren’t necessarily healthy for you, they are tasty and easy to make so long as you know how to prepare them properly.

You can see How to Cook Chicken Nuggets Air Fryer as below.

2. What are benefits of Chicken Nuggets?

Chicken nuggets are tasty and easy to make so long as you know how to prepare them properly. They offer a healthy source of protein and they will definitely satisfy the cravings for some fast food. Furthermore, it’s usually not too expensive and many people don’t have problems with eating chicken nuggets often.

We introduce How to Cook Chicken Nuggets Air Fryer as below.

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3. What is an Air Fryer?

An air fryer is an appliance that uses hot air to cook the food inside. This heat circulates around the food, allowing it to cook faster than other methods while it also cooks up moisture in the food which creates a healthier end product.

Did you know that chicken nuggets are considered to be one of the healthiest fast foods out there? They contain between 30% and 45% protein depending on how they are made, meaning that they’re pretty heavy in terms of protein content.

There are How to Cook Chicken Nuggets Air Fryer as below.

4. What are benefits of an air fryer?

Air fryers are convenient to use since most of them are compact and lightweight. They can be used not only for cooking chicken nuggets but also for any other meal that you would prepare in the oven or with a deep fryer. It cooks food faster than a oven or deep fryer and it’s easy on the pockets so long as you don’t overdo it with your food choices.

You can see How to Cook Chicken Nuggets Air Fryer as below.

5. How many type of air fryer in the market now?

There are three main types of air fryers in the market now. These are countertop, standing and handheld ones. Countertop models are usually bigger than the other two types but they do have a larger capacity that makes for more servings. They tend to be quite heavy though so it might be difficult to move them around when you’re not using them.

Standing models are not too different from each other except that some of them can even double up as slow cookers or rice cookers. The last type is handheld air fryers which can easily fit into your handbag or briefcase since they are also lightweight.

There are How to Cook Chicken Nuggets Air Fryer as below.

6. What we need to consider before buying an air fryer?

Functions: It is important to know what specific functions your air fryer should have. This will allow you to get one that meets your needs and preferences exactly and it will be easier for you to use when we take a look at the buttons.

The design: You need to choose an air fryer which fits in with your tastes and preferences since this way, you can easily use it without feeling like something has been forced on you.

Size: It’s also important that the air fryer is big enough for all of your family members or friends who want to use it. This way, no one gets excluded from using the appliance due to small size.

Price: We don’t usually go for expensive appliances if we think there are other alternatives available. Sometimes we use the price as a shortcut to determine if something is worth it or not and this is why you should learn how to make the right decisions.

There are How to Cook Chicken Nuggets Air Fryer as below.

7. When do we need an air fryer?

You could be using an air fryer because you’re tired of cooking traditional fried food. You might also want to get the appliance because you live in a small apartment or simply don’t have any free space for other appliances. It’s also good to use one since they retain much less fat than deep frying which means that your health will benefit from it as well.

8. Steps on How to Cook Chicken Nuggets Air Fryer.

Things you need to have first before cooking the meat:

Cut meat into small cubes. 1 to 2 inch is ideal though you can go up to 3 inches if you want to. The smaller they are, the less time it will take for them be ready.

Place the chicken nuggets on a dish and leave them to dry by covering with a paper towel or clean cloth for 15 minutes or so to make sure that all of them are free from moisture

Put oil, salt and pepper in a bowl and mix together thoroughly.

Add your choice of seasoning such as garlic powder, chili powder or cayenne pepper then stir again until evenly distributed.

Dip chicken into egg whites then coat with flour.

Then coat with seasoning once again.

Place chicken cubes on a plate and leave them to dry for about 5 minutes or so.

Heat oil in the air fryer basket.

Add dried chicken nuggets into hot oil.

Fry each side for 20-30 seconds then drain excess oil using paper towel. Do not overcook otherwise they will be too hard to even chew off!

First, let fried chicken nuggets sit on the rack of the air fryer for about 3 minutes or until all of it is cooled down enough that you can touch without burning yourself then serve!

9. How to clean an air fryer?

Washing an air fryer can be a bit challenging so you’ll have to follow the instructions on the user manual for this one. If it’s not included with your model, then you should probably research how to properly clean an air fryer by turning to the internet or a friend who has a similar appliance.

Handheld air fryers are best cleaned using running water and a wet cloth. Be sure that you don’t use any type of scouring pad or anything that is abrasive since they can damage your appliance if not handled carefully. You shouldn’t immerse them into water as well since electrical appliances aren’t designed for exposure with water although some brands might recommend you do.

Deep fryers are easier to clean since they simply need a wipe down with some cleaning spray before using it again. It’s best to make sure that you don’t leave any food remnants behind in the basket or oil will begin to accumulate which can be dangerous if left for too long.

You should also keep your air fryer free from dust by wiping with a damp cloth every now and then before it gets contaminated enough to cause damage. Also, most models of deep fryers have removable containers so you won’t have any major problems during wash time.

Above are steps on How to Cook Chicken Nuggets Air Fryer. Now, let’s see some tips and guide on How to Cook Chicken Nuggets Air Fryer as below:

Tips and Guides on How to Cook Chicken Nuggets Air Fryer.

Chicken Nuggets Air Fryer

1. How long does it take for nuggets to cook in an air fryer?

The cooking time depends on the model you’re using. The most common fryers can take around 10 minutes or so before chicken nuggets are thoroughly cooked through. You might have to adjust the temperature if you want faster results since it will affect how long it takes for them to fully cook.

If you don’t know what temperature is best, then start at 400°F and see how they fare after 5 minutes. Adjust accordingly with hotter temperatures if needed though make sure that your food isn’t getting burned or undercooked!

You can refer How to Cook Chicken Nuggets Air Fryer as above.

2. Are frozen foods ideal for air frying?

You can use frozen foods in this case as well although doing so will cause longer cooking times than fresh food does. It also takes more oil to cook them thoroughly which isn’t a good thing if you don’t want your food to be too greasy or cause digestive problems.

Frozen foods are better suited for other types of cooking methods such as microwave, oven and stovetop instead since they require less oil and give better results!

There are How to Cook Chicken Nuggets Air Fryer as above.

3. How long can air fried chicken nuggets last?

You should always try to consume the food as soon as possible even if it means eating cold nuggets. The bottom line is that they never last very long so this shouldn’t be an issue unless you plan on giving some away as gifts! You can store leftover fried chicken in the fridge but make sure that they aren’t kept for longer than 3-4 days before you discard them.

You can see How to Cook Chicken Nuggets Air Fryer as above.

4. How to reheat nuggets in air fryer?

You can easily reheat the leftover chicken by putting them into your air fryer for just a few minutes before serving. This will quickly re-heat them without drying out the meat which makes it perfect if you want to eat them cold but are just too lazy to heat up your oven!

5. What kind of oil is best for air frying??

The answer depends on what type of food you’re using since some oils have stronger tastes than others. The one thing that they all have in common, though, is their high smoke point so they won’t break down during cooking which allows for healthier results overall! Just pick whatever oil that pleases your taste buds and use it in moderation to prevent a messy oven!

There are How to Cook Chicken Nuggets Air Fryer as above.

6. How do you make panko nuggets in air fryer??

If you want to make your own homemade version of chicken nuggets, then you can follow the following steps: Coat the food with egg whites but don’t add any salt. In a separate bowl, add some Panko breadcrumbs along with grated parmesan cheese and dried oregano before mixing thoroughly. Sprinkle this mixture onto the food and coat well using your hands so that each piece is equally covered.

Toss everything around until there’s at least 1/2 inch gap between all sides and lay them out evenly on a baking sheet putting into the fridge for half an hour. Brush or spray them with some oil then put into the air fryer for 5 minutes before flipping and finishing the other side.

You can see How to Cook Chicken Nuggets Air Fryer as above.

7. What temperature do you cook chicken nuggets in Air fryer?

The ideal temperature will differ depending on the model you’re using and how much food is inside of it. Furthermore, you can alter the duration to fit your needs as well since this is what ultimately determines how long food stays warm throughout!

The best thing that quality air fryer reviews have taught us is that they have adjustable temperatures so just find a number that works best for you and stick with it from now on!

8. Can I eat raw chicken nuggets?

You shouldn’t try to eat them raw unless you want some very serious stomach problems afterwards! Cooking eliminates harmful bacteria which helps prevents illness but it also makes any meat taste better so why wouldn’t you do it? It isn’t complicated or time consuming either so you have no reason not to cook everything thoroughly!

9. How do you cook Tyson chicken nuggets in the air fryer?

The process is very simple! Just put them in the air fryer basket and make sure that they aren’t touching each other. Turn on the machine and set it to 350 degrees Fahrenheit before cooking for 8 minutes. After that time has passed, turn the nuggets over carefully then cook for another 7 or so minutes depending on how crispy you want them to be!

10. Some tips on How to Cook Chicken Nuggets Air Fryer.

While I’ve already given you some tips on how to cook chicken nuggets in an air fryer, there are still a few more things that I want to mention before you get started!

Always spray the baskets with cooking oil before adding food so that it doesn’t stick or burn afterwards. If you have non-stick pans then they should be used instead of spraying oil since this is healthier and prolongs its lifespan!

Food tends to cook better when laid out evenly so make sure every piece has space around it before turning it on. It also helps if you keep them from sitting on top of each other which can prevent burning spots where there are no pieces beneath them!

Be very careful with your favorite kitchen tool as air fryers can be very dangerous if not used as intended! Make sure the propane tank is at least half full before cooking and that you know where all of your backup valves are located in case something goes wrong.

Make sure you choose the right amount of oil for what you’re cooking so that they cook evenly and don’t stick to the basket afterward. The best thing about this type of device is how easy it is to clean everything so just wipe everything down after every use and it will stay nice and shiny for a long time!

11. Some Chicken Nuggets recipes:

11.1. Chicken Nuggets with Mustard Sauce:

Ingredients: 1 cup of flour, Salt and Pepper, 2 Eggs, 1/2 tablespoon garlic powder, 1 pound chicken tenderloins. Sauce- 2 tablespoons parsley flakes, 4 tablespoons mayonnaise, 1 teaspoon Dijon mustard.

Directions: Mix everything in a bowl except for the flour which you should add to another container. Dip the nuggets into the mixture so that it could coat them well before tossing them around until they are evenly covered by it.

Shake off excess material then roll them around in the second container so that it coats each one completely. Set aside to allow the coating to dry before placing into air fryer basket at 370 degrees Fahrenheit for 6 minutes before flipping and cooking for 5 more minutes.

11.2. Crunchy Chicken Nuggets:

Ingredients: 4 Boneless Skinless chicken breasts, 1 teaspoon salt, 1/2 teaspoon garlic powder, 1/4 teaspoon black pepper.

Directions: Put everything in a big bowl and mix until each piece is well coated with the seasoning. Place in air fryer basket at 390 degrees Fahrenheit for 7 minutes before taking them out and serving immediately.

These are just two of many recipes that you can use to make delicious food in your air fryer! Hopefully this article has taught you how much healthier cooking chicken nuggets can be if you follow these simple rules when using an air fryer at home!

11.3. Chicken Nugget Parmesan:

Ingredients: 2 lbs of chicken breast, 2 cup of ground Parmesan cheese, 1/4 cup parsley flakes, 1 teaspoon garlic powder.

Directions: Mix everything in a big bowl except for the chicken that should be placed into another container. Put all pieces into mixture until they are well coated then lay them out on an air fryer pan so that none of them touches each other. Place chips at 350 degrees Fahrenheit for 5 minutes before flipping and cooking for another 3 minutes.

11.4. Chicken Nuggets with Honey Mustard Dipping Sauce:

Ingredients: 1 cup mayonnaise, 2 tablespoons honey mustard sauce, dash of salt & pepper to taste, 4 boneless skinless chicken breasts cut up into nugget size portions.

Directions: Just mix everything in a bowl then coat the nuggets just like you would with any other recipe. Bake for 7-10 minutes at 400 degrees Fahrenheit, flipping after 5 minutes.

These are just some of the simple recipes that you can create using your air fryer so feel free to experiment to see what tastes the best! If you enjoy having lots of healthy options for eating delicious food with your friends and family then these kitchen appliances are perfect for making anything taste great with very little effort!

Please let us know if this worked or if it didn’t by commenting below with your thoughts, feelings, suggestions or anything else related to cooking chicken nuggets with an air fryer unit! We love hearing feedback from our readers!

12. What is Chicken Nuggets air fryer serve with?

In our house, when we have chicken nuggets air fryer serve with fries and a garden salad. In the picture above, you can see that I served them with parmesan cheese but if your kids don’t like the taste of garlic, skip it.

The nice thing about cooking things in an air fryer is that it cooks all types of foods evenly. If you cook meatballs in a regular oven without any kind of rack or pan to keep them from sitting in their juices they will sit in that fat and become greasy and gross looking on top while being raw inside.

When I had my air fryer recipes site up there were lots of people questioning how these would work out because they think everything just falls right through the air fryer’s holes. That is not true! You need to make sure that you are using an elevated rack or pan with your chicken nuggets air fryer serve with so the fat can drain off of them and they will cook up nice and crispy on bottom side.

Most people use parchment paper to line their trays for this reason because it is extremely easy to clean off once the meal is done.

For your favorite homemade chicken nuggets air fryer serve with, I recommend making my “Baked Chicken Nuggets Recipe” if you like better than fast food restaurant style chicken nuggets at home (and you don’t mind turning on your oven). These are super simple to make if you have a handy dandy egg slicer. If you don’t, just use a sharp knife to cut the chicken into block shapes.

I highly recommend putting these together in advance and then putting them in your freezer or refrigerator until you are ready to cook them. That way, just before bedtime, they’ll be thawed out enough so they can go right into the air fryer without worry of drying out during the thawing process. This is a great time saver for people who cook meals in their air fryer!

13. What are some other air fryer recipes besides chicken nuggets?

There are so many different types of foods that you can prepare with an air fryer, it can be overwhelming for someone just getting started. If you don’t have any idea what to make, start out simply by making an easy recipe like my fried chicken tenders.

These are always a big hit at our house because there’s nothing better than tasty deep fried food without the hassle of feeling greasy after eating it. I also recommend trying my Parmesan veggies if you want something healthy and delicious that your kids will enjoy too! They’re super simple to put together too, which makes them a great recipe to have on stand by for any day of the week.

I hope you enjoyed this article about chicken nuggets air fryer serve with! Please leave us your thoughts, feelings or suggestions in the comment section below. As always, thank you very much for visiting our site! We are here to help provide dietary information and recipes that can help you live healthier lives!

14. Common mistakes on How to Cook Chicken Nuggets Air Fryer.

If you notice that your chicken nuggets air fryer aren’t crispy enough, don’t worry! You didn’t do anything wrong.

I’ve had people write me and say “Oh my gosh! My chicken is soggy!” when they read the above statement about the fat draining off of them. If your chicken isn’t crispy enough for you, simply cook it longer or if it’s only slightly undercooked (mine takes about 4-5 minutes to cook), I like to use a metal spatula underneath them while they’re frying to make sure the bottoms are browning evenly too.

My family loves these reheated in the microwave next day as well so feel free to stock up on extra serving sizes if you have a large family. My husband always asks me to make extra so he can take some for lunch the next day. If you find that your serving sizes are too large for the air fryer, feel free to divide them up into smaller servings or freeze them in a freezer safe container.

As with any of our recipes where we share an “Air Fryer Recipe Nutrition Label,” please remember – this is a guide based on one recipe being made in a standard Air Fryer Machine and does not guarantee these results will be the same in your machine. If you have any questions about how much calories, fat, etc., are in your food, I would recommend pulling out your scale and measuring it yourself.

We hope everyone has a great week! Be sure to follow us on social media if you don’t want to miss when we publish new articles.

FAQs about How to Cook Chicken Nuggets Air Fryer.

Chicken Nuggets Air Fryer

1. Question: How long do you cook chicken nuggets in the air frying machine?

Answer: You should cook it for 10 to 15 minutes.

2. Question: What is an air fryer made of?

Answer: It’s a small kitchen appliance used for cooking food by circulating hot air around it and crisping its exterior via convection currents, while simultaneously cooking its center using conduction from the hot metal basket. If you’d like to look into buying one if they’re available locally to you or would like another option, I would check out our shopping page for products we recommend.

3. Question: Is frying chicken in an air fryer healthy?

Answer: Yes, but it’s important to remember that just because something is fried in an air fryer doesn’t automatically mean that it can be considered healthy.

4. Question: What are some other foods you can cook with an air fryer besides chicken nuggets?

Answer: You can air fryer beef, pork chop, steak, shrimp, hot dogs, pizza, buns and more.

5. Question: Where can you buy an air fryer?

Answer: You can look into purchasing one online or if they’re available locally to you, I would recommend checking out the department stores near you too. Also, here’s our shopping page for products we recommend. If you enjoyed this article about chicken nuggets air fryer serve with, please share it! Thank you.

6. Question: How long do I cook frozen chicken nuggets in my air frying machine? Answer: We recommend cooking for 15 minutes total at 380 degrees Fahrenheit.

7. Question: Can I reheat food that has fallen into the bottom of the air fryer basket using the same oil that was used to fry them originally?

Answer: No, we don’t recommend reusing old oils.

8. Question: What is the best time to buy an air fryer?

Answer: I would say it’s best to buy one in the spring/summertime when people are more likely to be grilling out.

9. Question: How do you make your air fryer chicken nuggets crispy?

Answer: You can try cooking them for longer or placing a metal spatula under them while they cook. If they’re only slightly undercooked, those steps should help as well.


Air fryers offer a healthier alternative to deep frying, and you don’t have to sacrifice flavor in the process. In this post we’ll share how easy it is to cook chicken nuggets air fryer style with these simple step-by-step instructions.

If you need more cooking inspiration or want personalized guidance on what recipes are best suited for your kitchen appliance, be sure to check out our blog page! Feel free to contact us if you have any concern, we will reply soon. Thanks for reading!

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